Hello, and welcome to “Rally and Meels”!  So glad to have you.

A little bit about the blog

Each day, I’ll try to document/list/recommend the following:

QUOTABLES.  Quotations.  I’m a sucker for them.  People who have oh-so-eloquently said things I wish I could phrase in such a manner.  But I haven’t been able to find the words, or haven’t taken the time to attempt to formulate the words…and I wanted to find an interesting, humorous, or inspiring quote for every day.  Because I love quotes.  LOVE them.

THE WRITTEN WORD.  You may call me a bookworm.  But I’m not the only one.  Since I was a wee child, I couldn’t get enough of books.  And I’m now trying to share my passion with my young ‘un.  So, my husband and I read (at least) one book a day to our little one, and I want to keep track of those books here.  YAY FOR WORDS.

DO RE MI.  Music.  I sing it.  I play it.  I listen to it.  I devour it like a melting ice cream cone on a sweltering July afternoon in Texas.  I want to pass this joy along to my kiddo, so I sing and play many songs a day.  I’ll limit this entry to one a day, just to save space.  Play on, my friends…play on.

NOURISHMENT.  Books and music may be food for my soul, but a girl’s gotta eat, and one of my goals for the new year is to cook more, so nothing is more relevant to this blog than a recipe a day.  Bon Appetit.

PINTEREST.  ADDICT.  That is me.  I am ADDICTED to Pinterest.  Literally…can’t put down my computer.  You may find me pinning for hours on end.  At 3 am.  I love organizing, I love crafts and ideas and recipes and information—so, each day, I am creating a Pinterterest board.  Feel free to “repin”, or create a similar board of your own.  Just try to limit yourself to only, oh, I don’t know, 17 hours  a day.  Is that enough?

CELEBRATIONS.  Did you know that each and every day of the year has a “holiday” associated with it?  (The same holds true for most weeks, and each month, so I’ll keep you apprised of those too.)  Now, I’m not proclaiming to celebrate, recognize, or even like each of these holidays.  But, I thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be neat, if you..well…er…I….well…whoever, are going to document certain daily things, to keep track of each daily “holiday”, just for kicks?”  So, that’s what I’m doing.  Kick away.

ACTION.  We have a new-ish baby, and I want to document the life of this child. So, while our days are filled with activities, I thought I’d plan out one a day to be sure to do.  This is probably more of a personal thing, but hey…thought I’d put it on the blog for good measure.  I’m sure your 13 year old would totally be up for a game of “This little piggie went to market”…right?

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT. I am ashamed to admit it, but I am not the news junkie that my husband and mother-in-law are.  They impress me…always up-to-date on worldly events.  Politics.  The weather.  Not me.  I literally did not even know who was running for president OF THE UNITED STATES.  The country I live in.  This is shameful.  Truly.  I’m not being facetious.  SO, in my attempt to become more well-versed in the important events occurring outside of my little house, I am including the news of the day that I find interesting.  I may even add an article or two.  It may not be super important, but will allow me to search for interesting tidbits to share, which will inevitably bring me to the more important, if not necessarily interesting or worthy of my blog, news of the day.

WORK IT.  Like everyone, and their mother, and best-friend-of-their-divorced-uncle’s-second-cousin’s-stepdaughter-once-removed, I would like to become more healthy and exercise more.  Not for weight or appearance purposes, but for health and life purposes.  So, for those of you in my same boat, I am including an exercise of the day.  Give it a try.  Maybe you’ll add it to your weekly regimen.  Who knows?  If it gets me to move a little more each day, it’s worth it.

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.  Got a ridiculously nice camera.  (And by “ridiculously nice”, I mean, it isn’t disposable.  Or a Polaroid.)  Had a baby.  Took photos of baby.  Used automatic features.  Used the same poses over and over and over and over again.  Trying to learn more about my fancy camera.  Need practice subjects that don’t involve shoving my camera into said wee one’s face.  Need motivation to get practice.  Daily blog + daily photo = motivation = more photos = practice = better photos…I was never great at math, but you get the “picture”.  ha ha ha.  No pun intended, but sheesh—I can’t stop chuckling at that one.  Oh, you lucky reader, you….there’s more where that humor came from.  Ha ha ha…ho ho ho…ha. ha. ha.

WWW.  I enjoy so many blogs, and am SO UTTERLY IMPRESSED by all of the bloggers/bloggesses (is that a female blogger?) out there, so I thought I’d share my favorites with you.  And yes, SELFISHLY, I’d like others to maybe read this too, so I thought that if I share my favorite bloggers with each of you, and then maybe share my blog with my favorite bloggers, they’d share my blog with THEIR readers, and then those readers would come to my blog, and then look at the blogs of the bloggers I’ve shared with you, and then go to THEIR blogs…and, well, I think you know how it works.

HMMM.  I’m going to have a “poll question of the day”.  Why?  I dunno.  Sounded fun.  I know I won’t have any readers at first, but, hopefully, in the next few weeks, when my readership reaches the millions, we’ll have lots to talk about, and lots of people answering the poll…so, come one, come all!  Tell your neighbors.  Shout it from the rooftops!  “READ RALLY AND MEELS!”  (And then, respond to the poll.)  Thanks, love.  Merci beaucoup.

I’m also going to try to list the following things on one day each week:

TOYLAND.  I had a few toys growing up.  I’ve done oodles of research to find the best for “Wee One”.  Why not save you the hassle of researching “the best toys”, reading reviews, shopping for lowest prices, and just share my finds with YOU, oh precious reader?  Why don’t I do that every week?  Oh, okay, you’ve convinced me.  I will.

WEARABLES.  I like clothes.  The little me has oodles of clothes.  My husband needs clothes.  Seems “fitting” (there I go again….somebody stop me…please…I can’t stop this humor train!) to post a favorite clothing item or accessory or shoe or something. I don’t know….I hope it doesn’t “wear thin”…or “wear” you out…but, if the “shoe was on the other foot”…ha.  Wait, that didn’t even make sense.  I’m trying too hard.  I’ll stop…

FABULOUS FINDS.  Gift items (whether they’re to give or receive) make me happy, and I often spend hours searching for just the right item to gift, I search for ideas to share with my dear husband when my birthday or Christmas rolls around, for things to send “just because”….so, I’m keeping track of all of the neat things I see.  You may find these fabulous finds gift-worthy as well.  Or just interesting.  Or completely useless.  (If it’s the latter, though, I’m sorry.)

WEEKEND TO-DO LIST.  Goals.  Plans.  I like to have at least some sort of roadmap, sometimes.  (My husband, on the other hand, well….maps aren’t really his thing.  Ha ha.  Just a little “Men don’t use maps” humor.  Not actually accurate re my husband.  But, wanted to throw it in since I referred to a “map”.  Get it?  Ha. Okay…moving on.)  Sometimes, I like to wake up on a Saturday morning with nothing to do.  Other times, I’m completely at a loss for how to fill my two days of weekend space.  Maybe some of you feel the same way.  So, I’m giving you a list of things to accomplish over the weekend.  Take it or leave it.  (But, either way, please keep reading the blog, k?)

So, friend, please sit back, grab a cup of tea or a mug of hot cocoa, put your slippered feet up on the coffee table, and read on…