Ah…I am once again caught up on the blog. YIPPEEEEEE!!  It is SUCH a good feeling.  Although, I do have some more cleaning up/modifying to do, but all things in good time.  🙂 Another weekend, and more snow.  I LOVE it!!


I am constantly thinking about the things I want to teach Wee One, and this encapsulates one of the MAIN characteristics I hope she develops: tenderness of heart.  It is SO important to me to teach her how to be kind, empathetic, and gentle.  (Although, a strong and confidant woman too!)

Plus, I love Jane Austen.

You should check out FlourishCafe on Etsy…I’m a fan of a lot of their prints.

The features of the week are:


As I mentioned before, Wee One is on the verge of teething….these teeth should be appearing any day, if the amount of drool correlates to the timing of newly budding teeth!  She adores her Sophie teether that I mentioned last week, but has recently also become quite fond of this multisensory teething ring.

Multisensory Teething Ring by Lifefactory

Thank you to the wonderful women who got this for Wee One for her baby shower….it has definitely come in handy!!


It is COLD where we live.  And, it definitely can get much colder.  My mama is always harping on me to wear “cuddle duds”, but I’m just not a fan of long underwear.  However, one piece of advice I HAVE taken is to wear really warm socks.  She got us a few pairs of these last Christmas, and The Mister fell in love.  It’s all he ever asks for from her….and, she’s begun to spoil Wee One with these as well!

Smart Wool Socks

There are socks for the entire family:



The Mister

They also make running socks, and I just discovered they ALSO make apparel.  Maybe I need to do some online shopping tonight!


Earlier this week, I saw some WONDERFUL family members, and they mentioned how much they like chai tea.  The next day, it was freezing cold, and I wanted something to warm up with….I looked in the cupboard, and came across two kinds of Chai.  One, I had had before, and it is a mix that is made with milk.  The other was in tea bag form, and I had never tried it.  Let me just say one word, dear readers: LOVE.  I knew that I enjoyed the liquid mix version…but the random tea bags?  AHHHH!  The tea smelled like Christmas, and tasted just as comforting.

Oregon Chai Tea Latte Concentrate

Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea

Neither are really fancy or super expensive, but they’re both great, and I’d recommend them. HIGHLY.


Well, it’s been a BUSY week, so this weekend is going to be a mix of work AND play.

1.  Bake cookies.

2.  Have a movie night, with popcorn and candy.  Maybe even watch TWO movies…get crazy!

3.  Empty all garbage cans, but try to fill them with unnecessary junk first.

And now, for the regular features…..

The Dailys:


January 20, 2012 is…

Camcorder Day

Inauguration Day

National Buttercrunch Day

National Cheese Lover’s Day

National Disc Jockey Day

Penguin Awareness Day

Tu B’Shevat

That’s a lot of celebrations for one day!  Which is your favorite?


I was going through Wee One’s bookshelf today, and came across this old book from Weekly Reader…did ya’ll have that when you were in elementary school?  I used to love getting the Weekly Reader magazines, and order forms, although I never got to order many books.

The Ugly Duckling (A Weekly Reader Fairy Tale)

Retold by Mary Ellen Sias

I couldn’t find an image for this, but some used versions can be found below:

The Ugly Duckling (A Weekly Reader Fairy Tale)


I don’t really remember singing this all that much when I was little, but for some reason, it came to mind today, so we sang it…and it was fun!

The Farmer in the Dell

Sung by The Tinseltown Players

To purchase and download “Farmer in the Dell”, sung by The Tinseltown Players, click the link below:

Farmer In The Dell


The farmer in the dell
The farmer in the dell
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The farmer in the dell

And the farmer takes a wife
The farmer takes a wife
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The farmer takes a wife

And the wife takes the child
The wife takes the child
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The wife takes the child

And the child takes the nurse
The child takes the nurse
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The child takes the nurse

And the nurse takes the dog
The nurse takes the dog
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The nurse takes the dog

And the dog takes the cat
The dog takes the cat
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The dog takes the cat

And the cat takes the mouse
The cat takes the mouse
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The cat takes the mouse

And the mouse takes the cheese
The mouse takes the cheese
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The mouse takes the cheese

And the cheese stands alone
The cheese stands alone
Hi-ho, the derry-o
The cheese stands alone

To download the easy piano version of “The Farmer in the Dell”, click here; for the piano vocal version, click here.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, a “dell” is:

A small, usually wooded, valley.


National Buttercrunch Day.  Buttercrunch recipe for you!

Pecan Buttercrunch from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

I’m not that familiar with “buttercrunch”, I guess…but this sure looks tasty!  Maybe I should make it for Christmas next year….hmmm….is it too early to start holiday baking??


January 20: Pen-to-the-guin

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Wee One has been getting stronger and stronger by the second, and she just LOVES this game:

Tug of war

Now, don’t worry—we’re not using rope or anything like that…just playing with her teethers and other toys.  And honestly, she really wins sometimes!  The girl has muscles!


I followed American Idol a bit, especially when it first began.  Then, my viewing tapered off until last year, when very sick and very pregnant, I spent a lot of time in bed, watching TV.  The Mister and I watched nearly every episode, and looked forward to them.  This year, healthy and with a new Wee One, I haven’t watched, but I’m guessing many of you are still tuning it.

Still Chasing the Dream: “American Idol” Eleven Years In by Ann Powers


Each year, Idol offers its prepackaged frontrunners, its poignant also-rans and its exciting left-fielders. Some people think it’s totally rigged. Others believe the best will surpass its hurdles and triumph. Me, I’m in it for the little thrills every week offers — the moments when a hopeful pushes past her own perceived limits, or a song choice makes me hear an old chestnut in a new way. And for the conversations I have with fellow Idol devotees, or even haters, which often turn out to be about much more than this goofy, still relevant show.

What are your thoughts?  Is Idol rigged?  Are TRUE musicians really discovered?  If you tune it, what keeps you hooked?


Backward Lunge

(from goodhousekeeping.com)

Targets: Glutes

Stand with feet hip-width apart.  Step backward with left leg, keeping heel off floor. Bend both knees until right thigh is parallel to floor and left thigh is perpendicular to it. Pause, then return to starting position.


I was pleasantly surprised to find inexpensive, HUGE blackberries at a local co-op.

When I was really little, I guess I ate blackberries, smeared them all over my face, and earned the nickname “Blackberry Queen”.  Queen or not, I still love them to this day….I think I need to grow a bunch of blackberries, so I can eat as many as I want!!


Today is National Cheese Lovers Day, and I wanted to mention a favorite blog that also has cheese recipes.  Well, I did some searching, and settled on this fabulous standard:

A Cozy Kitchen

I can’t even begin to describe how many FABULOUS recipes there are here….I mean, I just ate, and yet, my mouth is watering looking through all of these delicious nibbles.

Here’s a recipe that looks delicious, AND has a bit of cheese as well, in honor of one of today’s celebrations

Mushroom Bruschetta at A Cozy Kitchen

If you’re thinking about cooking something this weekend, definitely check out this blog


What personal characteristic is most important to you?

YES!  I loooooove Fridays!  Welcome weekend, I’ve been waiting for you…..