We had SO much fun last night at a wine and appetizer night with old friends AND new friends.  Isn’t it fun to meet new people you really click with?

And TONIGHT, The Mister made an AMAZING feast of Indian food.  He is just SO talented…and, it reminds me that I really want to become more well-versed in the kitchen!


All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.

Winston Churchill

Today is National Cancer Day, and I am filled with hope that this terrible disease will end SOON.  Today is a day of hope for me.


February 4, 2012 is…

Day for Change

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

National Homemade Soup Day

National Stuffed Mushrooms Day

Thank a Mailman Day

National Cancer Day

My heart goes out to those individuals and family and friends who have suffered from cancer…may more cures be found soon.


Wee One’s GodMoo got her this book, and I just love it SO much!

The Poky Little Puppy

By Janette Sebring Lowrey

Cute illustrations, and lots of repeating words and phrases….what more could you ask for?


Today was a beautiful morning, so we sang:

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

From “Oklahoma!”

To purchase and download “Oh, What A Beautiful Morning” from “Oklahoma!”, click below:

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning


There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow,
There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow,
The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye,
An’ it looks like its climbin’ clear up to the sky.

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I’ve got a wonderful feeling,
Everything’s going my way.

Repeat chorus

All the cattle are standing like statues,
All the cattel are standing like statues,
They don’t turn their heads as they see me ride by.
But a little brown mav’rick is winking her eye.

Repeat chorus

All the sounds of the earth are like music,
All the sounds of the earth are like music,
The breeze is so busy it don’t miss a tree,
And an ol’ Weepin’ Willer is laughin’ at me.

Repeat chorus

I played Laurie in my high school’s production of “Oklahoma!”.  Not my finest acting moment (seriously, I don’t think I moved my arms at all…I was SO NERVOUS!), but it was fun nonetheless.  🙂


February 4: How much is that doggie in the window?

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I’ve had some great stuffed mushrooms, and some not-so-great stuffed mushrooms.  THIS recipe looks beyond great!

Simply Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms from Green Lite Bites

One of the things I dislike about stuffed mushrooms at times is the over-use of cream cheese.  This recipe doesn’t call for any, AND it has spinach + parmesan cheese.  I think it’s a winner!


Today, we listened to some MoTown on “A Prairie Home Companion”, and I helped Wee One

Move arms and legs of baby to beat of music.  Move in different directions, at different times.

She really had a blast doing this!  (And I did too!)


I’m very open about my support for the gay and lesbian communities, and the thought that anyone would make fun of, prejudice, or harm, these individuals makes me literally sick to my stomach.

One Town’s War on Gay Teens by Sabrina Rubin Erdely


Brittany didn’t look like most girls in blue-collar Anoka, Minnesota, a former logging town on the Rum River, a conventional place that takes pride in its annual Halloween parade – it bills itself the “Halloween Capital of the World.” Brittany was a low-voiced, stocky girl who dressed in baggy jeans and her dad’s Marine Corps sweatshirts. By age 13, she’d been taunted as a “cunt” and “cock muncher” long before such words had made much sense. When she told administrators about the abuse, they were strangely unresponsive, even though bullying was a subject often discussed in school-board meetings. The district maintained a comprehensive five-page anti-bullying policy, and held diversity trainings on racial and gender sensitivity. Yet when it came to Brittany’s harassment, school officials usually told her to ignore it, always glossing over the sexually charged insults. Like the time Brittany had complained about being called a “fat dyke”: The school’s principal, looking pained, had suggested Brittany prepare herself for the next round of teasing with snappy comebacks – “I can lose the weight, but you’re stuck with your ugly face” – never acknowledging she had been called a “dyke.” As though that part was OK. As though the fact that Brittany was bisexual made her fair game.

I know this is a very controversial subject to some, but to me, it is unbelievably similar to the race relations issues of yesteryear…I have a feeling our children will look back on this time, and be ashamed.


Rib-Cage Reach

(From wholeliving.com)

Targets: Solar plexus

Stand with feet 2 to 3 feet apart, toes turned slightly out and knees bent. Extend arms to your sides. Keep your shoulders down. Inhale, and then exhale as you reach right with your arm and rib cage. Inhale as you come to center, and then reach left as you exhale. Repeat 16 times (eight on each side).


I love the Skip Hop Treetop Friends items…Wee One has many of them, like this (wrinkly!) play mat.

On a side note, I really need some photography tips…anyone have recommendations?


Oh, how I love finding new FABULOUS sites.  Like this one!

Baked Bree

I had never heard of this recipe before, but it looks tasty!  AND perfect for a Super Bowl appetizer!

Italian Sub Dip from Baked Bree

I LOVE this site!!


What are your plans for the Super Bowl?  Can you recommend any good recipes?

I hope your weekend is off to a relaxing, or exciting, or productive start!  (Depending on what your goals are!)