I’m not the world’s biggest football fan, but any reason to celebrate is fine by me!  We’re watching the Super Bowl, and eating some good food prepared by The Mister (who else?).

I hope you ALL had a WONDERFUL weekend.

And, an excited “WELCOME!” to the site’s new readers…I am SO THRILLED to have you!  🙂


Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.

Vince Lombardi

I don’t know about football, but life certainly requires these things!


This week is:

Boy Scout Anniversary Week

Children’s Author and Illustrator’s Week

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week

International Friendship Week

International Coaching Week

National Green Week

National Marriage Week

World Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Week

World Orphan Week

February 5, 2012 is…

National Chocolate Fondue Day

National Weatherman’s Day

Super Bowl XLVI

World Nutella Day

As someone who is adopted, “World Orphan Week” holds a special place in my heart.


I enjoyed the Arthur books when I was younger, and the D.W. (Arthur’s little sister) books are just as good!

D.W. The PIcky Eater

By Marc Brown

Do you have picky eaters in your household?  If so, any secret tricks to getting them to eat new foods?


Oh, this was a jubilant song to sing today!

When The Saints Go Marching In

By Louis Armstrong

To purchase and download “When The Saints Go Marching In” by Louis Armstrong, click below:

When The Saints Go Marching In


We are trav’ling in the footsteps
Of those who’ve gone before,
And we’ll all be reunited,
On a new and sunlit shore,Oh, when the saints go marching in
Oh, when the saints go marching in
Lord how I want to be in that number
When the saints go marching inAnd when the sun begins to shine
And when the sun begins to shine
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the sun begins to shine

Oh, when the trumpet sounds its call
Oh, when the trumpet sounds its call
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the trumpet sounds its call

Some say this world of trouble,
Is the only one we need,
But I’m waiting for that morning,
When the new world is revealed.

To download the piano, vocal, and guitar sheet music version of “When The Saints Go Marching In”, click here; for the easy piano version, click here.

I didn’t realize there were so many lyrics!


February 5: Is Nutella the new peanut butter?

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You know what?  I don’t think I have EVER had chocolate fondue!  The Mister and I tried to make cheese fondue once when we were newly married (it didn’t turn out quite as expected!), and we even bought a fondue set (which we just used once.)  However, I think it would be fun to try again!

Chocolate Fondue on My Favorite Everything

This looks mighty tasty!  People recommend the following “dippers”:

Different types of cake (such as cheesecake, pound cake, brownies, angel food cake, etc.)

Cookies (oreos, chocolate chip cookies)

Fruit (dried or fresh) (including apples, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple)

Misc. goodies (marshmallows, graham crackers)

Use your imagination!  (And please let me know what you come up with!)


Wee One LOVES playing with her papa.  They laugh, and laugh, and LAUGH!

Carry baby on your shoulders.

It is so cute to see Wee One carried on The Mister’s shoulders, grabbing at his hair!  (When you do this, just be careful with height…make sure your wee one can’t hit her head on the ceiling!)


Another article from my Auntie C…thank you!  She just finished reading the Tiger Mom book.  Have you heard of that?  It intrigues me, not as a parenting style I want to follow, but as insight into someone’s parenting ideologies.

Why French Parents Are Superior by Pamela Druckerman


Yet the French have managed to be involved with their families without becoming obsessive. They assume that even good parents aren’t at the constant service of their children, and that there is no need to feel guilty about this. “For me, the evenings are for the parents,” one Parisian mother told me. “My daughter can be with us if she wants, but it’s adult time.” French parents want their kids to be stimulated, but not all the time. While some American toddlers are getting Mandarin tutors and preliteracy training, French kids are—by design—toddling around by themselves.

This article really strikes a cord with me…I think I’m going to do some more reading about French parenting….


Reverse Fly

(From allyou.com)

Targets: Mid and upper back, shoulders

Hold two cans or bottles of equal weight and stand with your feet staggered, one foot in front of the other, front knee bent slightly. Stand with your back straight, abs engaged and arms extended underneath your shoulders, palms facing each other. Bend forward slightly from the waist. Keeping elbows bent slightly, exhale and slowly pull your arms out to the sides and up to shoulder level as you squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Inhale and slowly return to the start position to complete 1 repetition.

To protect your back, be sure to engage your abdominal muscles on each move. Pull your navel toward your spine by isolating the lower abs and lifting them up and back as you breathe easily.


This is one of my favorite blankets.

I love the color, and its texture…it’s sort of a brown-ish, tan-ish, sort of gold-ish…Okay, there’s no way I can describe the color, and this picture is kind of weird, but, well….this blanket is awesome.


Ah…this site has so much to offer!!

The Daily Buzz

My DEAR friend KME recommended this site, and the link that follows—such FABULOUS ideas!  I just LOVE stuff like this!!!

25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier from The Daily Buzz

I want to keep reading, and reading, and reading some more…but I have to get to work…hopefully one of these days I can really read a lot more of this AWESOME site!


What are your thoughts about the Super Bowl (including commercials, and the Half Time Show)—on a scale of 1-10…?

Well, if you had a team playing in the Super Bowl, I hope YOUR team won!  🙂  Get a good night of sleep tonight, and be ready to conquer the week ahead!