Oh, it’s catch-up time again…fun, fun!

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!


Oh Wee One, this quote was MEANT for you!


February 6, 2012 is…

Lame Duck Day

I can’t believe there’s only ONE commemoration today, and it’s LAME DUCK DAY…blerg!  That’s kind of “lame”!  (te hee, te hee!)


Oh, this book is SO FUN (and quite popular!).

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle

Eric Carle sure knows how to write the classics!!


My mama and grandma sang this song to Wee One….it’s so sentimental!

Tell Me Why

From Wee Sing Sing-a-Longs

To purchase and download “Tell Me Why”, from Wee Sing Sing-a-Longs, click below:

Tell Me Why


ell me why the stars do shine,
Tell me why the ivy twines,
Tell me why the skies are blue,
And I will tell you just why I love you.

Because God made the stars to shine,
Because God made the ivy twine,
Because God made the sky so blue,
Because God made you, that’s why I love you.

I really think that dear God above
Created you just for me to love;
He picked you out from all the rest
Because he knew that I’d love you the best.

Aren’t the lyrics just precious?


February 6: Caterpillars get hungry.  Very hungry.  (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

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I am always looking for good, nourishing, salad recipes, and this caught my eye:

Greek Panzanella Salad from Eatologies

I think it would have awesome flavor!  In my search for salads, though, I DID notice that many bread salads don’t have many “greens” in them…I think this would be good with some added spinach, kale, or even perhaps romaine?


Wee One just keeps growing and growing!

Help to stand, with support.

She just squeals with delight when we help her stand, and has learned to stand on her own, grabbing on to things for support.  Children are such FUN, aren’t they?


Meryl Streep is one of the best actresses of our time.

Meryl Streep: The Fresh Air Interview


“I remember when I turned 40, I was offered, within one year, three different witch roles. To play three different witches in three different contexts. It was almost like the world was saying or the studios were saying, ‘We don’t know what to do with you.’ … I think there was, for a long time in the movie business, a period of — when a woman was attractive and marriageable or f- – -able, that was it. And then they didn’t know what to do with you until you were the lioness in winter, until you were 70, and then it was OK to do Driving Miss Daisy … [and] things like that. But that middle period — the most vibrant of a woman’s life, arguably, from 40 to 60, no one knew what to do with them. That really has changed, not completely, not for everybody, but for me it has changed. Part of it has to do with, I wasn’t that word that I just said that you bleeped before; when I was a younger actress, that wasn’t the first thing about me.”How do YOU feel about citizenship requirements?

Do you have a favorite Meryl Streep movie?


Single Leg Dip

(From shape.com)

Targets: Upper body

Start seated with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands just behind your hips, fingertips facing forward. Draw your abs in tight as you lift your hips up off the floor, pressing down through your hands. Lift your right leg and extend it straight up towards the ceiling. Bend your elbows and lower yourself to just above the floor. Quickly press back up. That’s one rep. Complete 10 reps with your right leg lifted, 10 with the left, and then move right into your hovering sit up [2B].

Form tip: Emphasize the press up, not the drop down, on your dips. Try not to sink into your hands, but instead press up pushing with the backs of your arms to help alleviate any stress on the wrists.


Wee One has almost outgrown her swing….I can’t believe how fast time is going!

These birds on the swing’s mobile are so cute…I wonder if I can incorporate them into her room somehow…hmm…(OH…and I need to work on NOT shooting towards the light, right?)  🙂


Thank you, Pinterest, for introducing me to this DELECTABLE site!

Felicia Sullivan

OOO-EEEE!!  These recipes look so tasty!

I have a confession to make, by the way, dear readers.  I love kale.  LOVE it.  Honestly.  Seriously.  LOVE.

Spicy Kale + Tofu Stir Fry from Felicia Sullivan

I seriously want to eat this RIGHT NOW.  Like, THIS INSTANT!!


What greens do you like the most: Kale, cabbage, lettuce, spinach?

Yay for Monday, everyone!  🙂