FRIDAY!  Isn’t it such a good feeling when the weekend rolls around?  Especially if you have something FUN planned…or, maybe, if you don’t have ANYTHING planned!


Wow.  This is such a good way to phrase how I want to live my life.

The features of the week are:


Wee One got this from her Nana for Christmas, and I think it’s so cute!  (So does Wee One)

Blabla Bernice Bear

The Blabla brand has a lot of cute toys and softies!


They recommended this at the hospital when Wee One was born, and frankly, it was such a life saver in the early days…

Halo SleepSack Swaddler

We used it for the first month or so, and I don’t think Wee One could sleep without it.  It was a “must” for us!


I found this on Pinterest, and fell in love…

Fred and Friends Half Pint Glass Creamer

I don’t put cream in coffee, but I wonder if this could be a cool milk glass for older kids?


Another weekend is upon us!

This weekend’s to-do list is:

1.  Girl’s Night

2.  Bake some sweet treats, and then freeze and/or mail to friends

3.  Sort and donate items to charity

Regular features are:

The Dailys:


February 10, 2012 is…

National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

Umbrella Day

Celebrating umbrellas in winter is strange to me, but I’m sure it makes sense in some places of the country!


Kittens + Mittens.

The Three Little Kittens

A Little Golden Book

What a classic!


I sing this to Wee One a LOT!

Hey Lolly

From Kindermusik

To purchase and download “Hey Lolly”, sung by Kindermusik, click the link below:

Hey Lolly


Hey lolly, lolly, lolly
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
Hey lolly, lolly, lolly
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

This is a crazy kind of song,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
You make it up as you go along,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

When guys like us start to sing this song,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
It sometimes lasts the whole night long,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

First you make up a simple line,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
Then another one to rhyme,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

While you catch on, I’ll sing a verse,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
Then you do one that’s even worse,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

I know a man named Mr. Jones,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
When he sings, everybody groans,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

He sings Hey Lolly day and night,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
It never seems to come out right,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

I know a girl named Emily,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
She sings “Hey Lolly” in just one key,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

Tonight we’ve chosen another key,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
You won’t be hearing from Emily,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

The singer you fast the getter it’s tuff,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
To line up makes that you won’t muff,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

Let’s put this song back on the shelf,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.
If you want anymore you can sing it yourself,
Hey lolly, lolly, low.

So many verses!  It is quite the addicting song!


In searching for a recipe to make this weekend, I came across this.  I’m not making it THIS weekend, and I think I’d modify it a little bit, but what an interesting idea!

Lasagna Soup from Milk & Honey

The addition of ricotta is such a unique suggestion…I canNOT wait to try it!


February 10: It’s raining, it’s pouring

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I had no idea Wee One could laugh as much as she did when we were:


Oh. My. Goodness!!  She laughed HYSTERICALLY while we bounced!


How do you feel about this?

Does Time Magazine Think Americans Are Stupid? By L.V. Anderson


While readers in Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific—really, the rest of the Time-reading world—confront a serious profile about Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and his role in the euro crisis, Americans are in for a special treat: a cover story called “The Surprising Science of Animal Friendships*.” (The asterisk leads to a footnote at the bottom of the cover that says, “BFFs are not just for humans anymore.”) With not one but two adorable dogs against a hot-pink background, this week’s Time really signifies the editors’ staunch commitment to serious, hard-hitting journalism, even if it means risking unpopularity.

What would YOU rather see on the cover?


The Flapper


Targets: Upper, middle, and lower back

With your feet together and knees slightly bent, lean forward, bending at the waist until your back is flat and as parallel to the floor as possible. (If you’ve got a bad back, stay up higher.) Keeping your arms straight and your elbows unlocked, bring your arms out to the side, parallel to the ground; pause, then lower them, bringing your hands together. Do 40 times.


Posted in a bit!


This site was discovered as I searched for a cream cheese brownie recipe, and I’m so glad I found it!

The Flour Sack

GREAT site with oodles of fun ideas!

I mean…how cool is this?

Cream Cheese Brownies from The Flour Sack

Ooooh, this site is great.  For example, the first recipe on the homepage is “Giant Lima Beans with Stewed Tomatoes & Oregano Pesto“.  I don’t even LIKE lima beans, but this recipe makes them look DELICIOUS!

By the way, where can I find some glass bottles like are seen in the photo?  So neat!!


What is your favorite way to spend a rainy afternoon?  (Or, since it’s still winter in my neck of the woods, what is your favorite way to spend a SNOWY afternoon?)

I hope your weekend starts off with a delicious Saturday breakfast, followed by some fun, relaxation, and happiness!