It’s Wee One’s HALF birthday!!  What a day to celebrate!!  🙂


Since the time I was able to read even a few printed words on the page, reading has been an escape, entertainment, education, a friend….where would we be without books?  I cannot even begin to imagine….


February 9, 2012 is…

National Bagels and Lox Day

National Pizza Pie Day

Read in the Bathtub Day

Oh my goodness…”Read in the Bathtub Day”??  MY FAVORITE!!!  I guess I didn’t like to take baths when I was little, so my mom let me read while in the bathtub.  Apparently, I never wanted to get out after that!  I told her, “Please don’t take away my words!”


This was a new book to me, but it has now become a standard!

A Pig Named Perrier

By Elizabeth Spurr

This story is really quite cute, and the illustrations are PHENOMENAL!


Since it’s Wee One’s 1/2 birthday today, we sang:

Happy Birthday

Sung by The Sesame Street Gang

To purchase and download “Happy Birthday”, sung by The Sesame Street Gang, click below:

Happy Birthday To You


Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear (name)
Happy Birthday to You.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

Alternative ending:
How old are you?
How old are you?
How old, How old
How old are you?

I’m ____ years old,
I’m ____ years old,
I’m ____, I’m ____,
I’m ____ years old.

To download the piano solo sheet music version of “Happy Birthday”, click here.

Nothing is quite as traditional as that, eh?  Although, it was neat to learn the 2nd verse…I’d never heard that before, although we DO sing the “optional” ending!


February 9: A good book is the best of friends.

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When it comes to pizza, I am a thin crust girl, all the way.  And, Lavash is actually probably my most favorite type of pizza.

Lavash Bread Pizza from The Ravenous Couple

This recipe looks simple, fresh, and tasty, especially alongside a crisp salad!


This isn’t QUITE an activity, per se, but, I felt I should post it nonetheless.

Create traditions.

Yes, Wee One is only 6 months old, but we’re already attempting to cultivate “traditions” in our household.  Some of these include: Weekly and monthly “photo shoots” (same type of photo each week, to chart growth), daily family blogging, 3 month hand and foot prints, and more.  As she gets older, I HOPE to develop holiday and celebration traditions, such as those involving dinner, movie/family game nights, highs and lows of the day, and MUCH more.


The Mister is a BIG fan of Chipotle….

Chipotle is Apple by Matthew Yglesias


n many ways, the Chipotle burrito is very similar to the iPhone. Founder Steve Ells invented a way to maintain the basic speed and experience of the standard fast-food experience and make the quality of the food a little better.* The better food costs a bit more money, but consumers turn out to be happy to pay a premium for a superior product. A similar insight is behind privately held Five Guys, a burger-oriented fast-food concept that’s also grown rapidly over the past several years. At the other end of the health spectrum there’s Chop’t, the assembly-line salad chain that’s taken New York and D.C. by storm but hasn’t yet gone national. All three chains are, in their different ways, raising the bar for food quality in a quick-service setting.

Chipotle stands out for some unusual process innovations as well. Their “barbecued” meat products—carnitas and barbacoa—are vacuum-packed and cooked sous-vide in Chicago before being shipped out for on-site reheating.

The sous-vide cooking method is mostly associated with cutting edge haute cuisine. The way it works is that a piece of meat and its accompanying seasonings are placed in an airtight bag. The bag is then placed in an immersion circulator, a bath of water that’s held at a very precise temperature. Cooking this way is slow, but extremely precise. A piece of meat held in a 155 degree water bath for long enough will cook uniformly to exactly 155 degrees worth of doneness. Sous-vide meat can then later be seared, sliced, chopped, or prepared any which way you like. Fancy chefs are the best-known practitioners of the technique, but in many ways it’s ideally suited to more casual dining. What it does, in effect, is use capital (the fairly expensive vacuum sealer and immersion circulator) to make it trivially easy to cook precisely. Done this way, workers with little training can produce expert and completely uniform results. Exactly what a large chain needs.

Are you willing to pay more for food at a “fast” food chain like Chipotle, rather than what you’d get at McDonald’s?


Mid-Back Makeover


Targets: Posture

Extend your arms out and up to about shoulder height, bent at elbows with palms pointing up. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. You should feel a stretch along your chest and the front of your shoulders. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times. If you feel sharp pain, ease off until you feel only mild tension. If this hurts, hold your arms a bit lower; after doing this exercise a few weeks, gradually raise them.




Wow. Wow. WOW!

Green Kitchen Stories

In honor of today’s celebration of pizza, I had to post a site with a delicious and beautiful pizza recipe.  Even though we already had one earlier in the post, I don’t think there’s such a thing as TOO much pizza, do you?

This recipe is GORGEOUS, and looks TASTY (and, dare I say it, healthy?) to boot!

Vegetarian Mini Pizzas from Green Kitchen Stories

I cannot speak highly enough about this site…it is breathtaking!!!

Grrrr…I need to learn to sew ASAP!  (And actually REMEMBER how to use the sewing machine!)


What is your most favorite birthday tradition?

Books, birthdays…and pizza??  Love it!!