We sure had a busy day today….how was YOUR President’s Day spent?


There are times I vacillate between wanting things to just remain the way they are, and wanting to make life even BETTER…this quote is inspiring to me.


February 20, 2012 is…

Love Your Pet Day

National Cherry Pie Day

President’s Day

World Day of Social Justice

Social Justice—-something that should be appreciated, and attempted, DAILY.


An Easter book from Grammy, a little early!

The Bunny Hop

From Sesame Street

Hop, hop, hop!


Wee One’s Grandpa works on the railroad, my Dad collects model railroad train cars, and my Grandpa loved trains.  So, today’s song is just perfect!

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

Sung by John Denver

To download “I’ve Been Working on the Railraod” sung by John Denver, click below:

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad


I’ve been workin’ on the railroad,
All the live long day.
I’ve been workin’ on the railroad,
Just to pass the time away.
Don’t you hear the whistle blowing?
Rise up so early in the morn.
Don’t you hear the captain shouting
“Dinah, blow your horn?”

Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow your horn?
Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow your horn?

Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah.
Someone’s in the kitchen, I know.
Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah
Strumming on the old banjo.

Fee, fie, fiddle-e-i-o.
Fee, fie, fiddle-e-i-o-o-o-o.
Fee, fie, fiddle-e-i-o.
Strumming on the old banjo.

To download “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” sheet music for piano and voice, click here; for the easy piano sheet music, click here; for the piano duet sheet music, click here.

Yee haw!


Growing up, I wasn’t a HUGE fan of any pie other than pumpkin.  As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ve come to appreciate different flavors, and one of them is that of a good cherry pie!

Cherry Pie from Whisk Kid

Don’t you love the star crust toppers?  Gorgeous!  There are quite a few tasty-looking morsels on this site, including this recipe for “fauxreos”.


February 20: Cherry, Cherry Bo-Berry

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Wee One just grabbed onto my water glass today, so I let her try…

Drinking from “big” glass

And, she LOVED it!  She actually slurped up the water, and DRANK it, and even blew some bubbles!


At this moment, we are watching the American Experience series on the Clinton presidency.  So, this article seems PARTICULARLY appropriate.

The Role of Political Spouses: Decoding an Image


“Nobody votes for a president based on kind of what issues [his wife will take on] or how competent [his] wife will be,” she says. “It is more a reflection of the man himself.”

Do you have a favorite political spouse?


Boat Pose

(from lhj.com)

Targets:  Abs, lower back, quads

Sit on the floor with legs straight out in front of you; keeping them straight, raise your legs until they are at a 45-degree angle from your torso. Your torso will naturally fall back, but instead of letting the spine collapse, make a V shape with your body.

Bring the arms out straight in line with the shoulders to balance yourself. Beginners, bend your knees if necessary, bringing the calves parallel to the floor; this is a Half Boat Pose.


Homemade babyfood: Peas!

Definitely much more colorful than the jarred stuff.


So crafty, so creative, I am SO JEALOUS!

Dana Made It

This is on the list of “you must visit this site TODAY” sites.

Check out this cool freezer paper stenciled President’s Day shirt…Or, if you don’t need a President’s Day shirt, you can still use the concept/process for other types of stencils!

President’s Day Shirts from Dana Made It

By the way, Dana just had a beautiful new baby this month…a BIG and HEARTFELT congratulations!!


What is the role of political spouses?

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday!  Who’s excited?