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February 17: Acts of kindness

Posted on February 18, 2012

Spending time with grandparents is always SO WONDERFUL!  Wee One is one lucky wee one! QUOTABLES. I read this quote to mean beautifying things, not only in the “physical beauty” sense, but in living a life that is kind and honest and full of grace….helping to ensure that those around me are content, and happy, and feel cherished…. The features of the week are: TOYLAND. I had no idea Wee One would like these cups as much as she does. Green Sprouts Stacking Cups They’re inexpensive, and she loves to watch us stack them, or chew on them on her own. WEARABLES. I adore one-piece rompers/outfits for Wee One.  It makes the decision of “what to wear” quite easy, and they are SO cute,…

February 10: Grace. Not perfection.

Posted on February 10, 2012

FRIDAY!  Isn’t it such a good feeling when the weekend rolls around?  Especially if you have something FUN planned…or, maybe, if you don’t have ANYTHING planned! QUOTABLES. Wow.  This is such a good way to phrase how I want to live my life. The features of the week are: TOYLAND. Wee One got this from her Nana for Christmas, and I think it’s so cute!  (So does Wee One) Blabla Bernice Bear The Blabla brand has a lot of cute toys and softies! WEARABLES. They recommended this at the hospital when Wee One was born, and frankly, it was such a life saver in the early days… Halo SleepSack Swaddler We used it for the first month or so, and I don’t think Wee…

February 3: Cake and Bubble Gum

Posted on February 4, 2012

Still trying to catch up….Gosh, isn’t is so true: Once you get behind, it’s harder and harder to catch up?  I was caught up for a day, and then got busy again with work, and….well, anyway, I’m trying, dear readers, I’m trying! Are you excited for the weekend?? QUOTABLES. I’m trying to exhibit gratitude this year.  For, I truly HAVE been blessed far more than I have EVER deserved. The features of the week are: TOYLAND. Wee One’s Grammy got her this toy for Christmas, and it is AWESOME (especially if you or your wee one likes to sing!) Sesame Street Squeeze-a-Song Elmo After she and I took Wee One on an 8 hour car trip, and had to sing to distract Wee One…

January 27: MAHvelous!

Posted on January 27, 2012

I am just SO EXCITED for this weekend.  For one, The Mister is to return from a week-long work trip, and I can barely manage without him.  (I guess that’s what happens when you marry your best friend!)  I just miss him sooooo much when he is gone!! AND…we are having family come this weekend, so that is always fun. PLUS, well, it’s the WEEKEND!  Two glorious days of relaxation, and FUN! However, on a solemn note, today is a day of remembrance for Holocaust victims….I encourage you to take time to reflect on these events, and to vow to help others in similar circumstances around the world.  Although today is a day to remember a tragic moment in history, I have decided to…

January 20: Charming

Posted on January 20, 2012

Ah…I am once again caught up on the blog. YIPPEEEEEE!!  It is SUCH a good feeling.  Although, I do have some more cleaning up/modifying to do, but all things in good time.  🙂 Another weekend, and more snow.  I LOVE it!! QUOTABLES. I am constantly thinking about the things I want to teach Wee One, and this encapsulates one of the MAIN characteristics I hope she develops: tenderness of heart.  It is SO important to me to teach her how to be kind, empathetic, and gentle.  (Although, a strong and confidant woman too!) Plus, I love Jane Austen. You should check out FlourishCafe on Etsy…I’m a fan of a lot of their prints. The features of the week are: TOYLAND. As I mentioned before, Wee…

January 13: Friday, Friday, Friday!

Posted on January 13, 2012

YAY!  It is FRIDAY, which means the weekend is only one short day away!  How exciting is that? OK.  Because it’s almost the weekend, and I just experienced my first snowstorm of the winter, I have something super exciting to announce (cue trumpets–dooo do do dooooo!): I HAVE DISCOVERED THE PERFECT WINTER ADDICTION.  DOWNTON ABBEY (from Masterpiece Theater). Have any of ya’ll seen this?  Now, hold on for one brief moment.  I know what some of you are thinking.  Masterpiece Theater?  Are you kidding me?  No, lovely reader, I KID YOU NOT.  I, too, was dubious when The Mister asked if I wanted to watch this, because he was “hearing good things about it”.  BUT, he has fairly discriminating taste (well, I mean, he…

January 6: At last

Posted on January 6, 2012

At last…I may actually be caught up on this blog!  Woo hoo!!  🙂 So excited that it is FRIDAY!!  The Mister and I have flexible schedules, which is both good, and bad.  It’s nice, because we’re able to work at more convenient hours (such as, oh, 3 am when Wee One is asleep!), but it also means that we work whenever we need to, which can get to be a LOT sometimes.  We definitely work on the weekend, but it’s nice to have a bit of a respite from work calls and e-mails, which tend to slow down a bit over Saturday and Sunday. QUOTABLES. Every man should be born again on the first day of January.  Start with a fresh page.  Take up…