January 1: New Years

January 2: A Little Bubbly (Champagne)

January 3: Oatmealy

January 4: Lotsa Pasta

January 5: You Are My Sunshine

January 6: Keen on Beans

January 7: A place for everything

January 8: I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter

January 9: When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie

January 10: Chocoholic

January 11: Milk.  (It does a body good.)

January 12: Snow Day

January 13: Soup’s on!

January 14: Sammies

January 15: Juice it

January 16: Figs.  They’re not just for Newtons anymore.

January 17: Print-a-riffic

January 18: Winnie.the.Pooh

January 19: POPcorn!

January 20: Pen-to-the-guin

January 21: A little bit squirrel-y

January 22: A spot of tea

January 23: Pie, oh my!

January 24: A butter from peanuts

January 25: Cooking it slow

January 26: Mittens are not just for kittens

January 27: The MAHvelous Eloise!