The month of January includes the following celebrations:

National Oatmeal Month

Hot Tea Month

National Book Blitz Month

National Soup Month

National Slow Cooker Month

January 1, 2012 is…

New Years Day

Bonza Bottler Day

January 2, 2012 is…

National Cream Puff Day

January 3, 2012 is…

National Chocolate-covered Cherry Day

Drinking Straw Day

January 4, 2012 is…

National Spaghetti Day

January 5, 2012 is…

National Bird Day

National Whipped Cream Day

January 6, 2012 is…

Epiphany/Three Kings Day

Apple Tree Day

Bean Day

National Shortbread Day

Sherlock Holmes’ Birthday

January 7, 2012 is…

Old Rock Day

National Tempura Day

Harlem Globetrotter’s Day

The week of January 8th is:

Folic Acid Awareness Week

National Pizza Week

National Letter Writing Week

January 8, 2012 is…

Bubble Bath Day

Elvis Presley’s Birthday

National English Toffee Day

January 9, 2012 is…

National Apricot Day

January 10, 2012 is…

Houseplant Appreciation Day

National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

January 11, 2012 is…

“Step in a puddle and splash your friends” Day

Cigarettes are Hazardous to Your Health Day

National Hot Toddy Day

Milk Day

January 12, 2012 is…

Curried Chicken Day

January 13, 2012 is…

National Peach Melba Day

Public Radio Broadcasting Day

Rubber Duckie Day

January 14, 2012 is…

Ratification Day

Dress-up-your-pet Day

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

The week of January 15 is:

Hunt for Happiness Week

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week

January 15, 2012 is…

Golden Globe Awards

National Hat Day

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

January 16, 2012 is…

Martin Luther King Day

International Hot and Spicy Foods Day

Fig Newton Day

National Religious Freedom Day

January 17, 2012 is…

Ben Franklin Day

Cable Car Day

Hot Buttered Rum Day

Kid Inventors Day

January 18, 2012 is…

National Peking Duck Day

Thesaurus Day

Winnie the Pooh Day

January 19, 2012 is…

National Popcorn Day

Tin Can Day

January 20, 2012 is…

Camcorder Day

Inauguration Day

National Buttercrunch Day

National Cheese Lover’s Day

National Disc Jockey Day

Penguin Awareness Day

Tu B’Shevat

January 21, 2012 is…

National Granola Bar Day

National Hugging Day

New England Clam Chowder Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 22, 2012 is…

National Blonde Brownie Day

Roe v. Wade/Celebration of Life Day (Depending on your preference!)

January 23, 2012 is…

Chinese New Year

Measure Your Feet Day

National Handwriting Day

National Pie Day AND

National RHUBARB Pie Day

January 24, 2012 is…

Beer Can Appreciation Day

Belly Laugh Day 

National Compliment Day 

National Peanut Butter Day

January 25, 2012 is…

Macintosh Computer Day

National Irish Coffee Day

Opposite Day

January 26, 2012 is…

National Peanut Brittle Day

National Pistachio Day

January 27, 2012 is…

Holocaust Memorial Day

Auschwitz Liberation Day

Chocolate Cake Day

January 28, 2012 is…

National Blueberry Pancake Day

National Kazoo Day

National Seed Swap Day